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My continuing inspiration

Visiting my dad in his care home the other day I was struck again by the scene of little crumpled people in various states of dozing. If we are lucky we too will live long and exciting lives, that won't be cut short too soon, and we too will arrive at this crumpled place. This is the moment that we need to see

through to the vibrant young funky people they once were. My dad is a lover of music, mainly of the 50s and 60s but my brother has got him into BBC 6 music recently and his taste has become more eclectic. He loves to dance and often went to the jazz clubs in London in the 60s and as a teenager organised music nights encouraging everyone to bring their records and created tickets and posters.

He loved to work, he LIVED to work! being a painter and decorator, roofer, window cleaner, and finally and his favourite job - furniture dealer and restorer with shops at one time in Colchester, Tolleshunt D'arcy and Belgium.

There is a lady in my dad's care home who bred and showed rabbits professionally! And it is precisely these extraordinary, unexpected stories that need to be recorded and remembered and eventually celebrated at the end of life at the funeral or memorial.

This is my inspiration. And this is why - 'Celebrancy.'

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