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Weddings & Vow Renewals

and Everything in between

Weddings.  Love stories.  Celebrating the uniqueness of you two.  I am assuming as you're on this page that you don't want a 15 minute, impersonal, statement of "I wills and I dos."  I'm not sure about you, but the ceremony part of weddings I've been to, which are just so quickly over with, are really disappointing.  The ceremony is what getting married is all about, right?!

Give me a call or an email and we can arrange a time and place (on zoom or in person) to have an initial chat about what kind of ceremony you're looking for (traditional, or with some traditional elements, pagan, themed, etc) and what I can do for you. If that is successful and we all click, I'll write your ceremony date into my diary and that will ensure no one else can have it.  A booking fee will then become due.

I'll send you a questionnaire all about you two to complete as much or as little as you like.  I ask lots of questions to really get to the heart of your unique and personal love story from its first bud to its full blown bloom.  We'll talk music, songs, poems and anything else which is a must have for your celebration. Once received, we'll meet again and I'll check I've understood everything correctly and then I'll begin writing your one of a kind, personal, bespoke ceremony! The first draft will be sent for your approval and any tweaks made until we have a final draft.  Then the second and final payment will become due.  Being a trained, experienced actor too I am very happy to help with any coaching of saying your vows before the Big Day. These can be written by you alone, with help from me or written entirely by me.  It's up to you! Either way you will receive beautiful presentation cards with your vows written on to keep.  

More traditional family members may consider the signing of documents as the moment you are married.  Reassure them that like the celebration of a new baby or a life passed, the legal papers that need to be signed are just a formality, the admin, and that the ceremony is the heart of the celebration.  You will however receive a beautiful wedding certificate to sign in the presence of your guests and a copy of the wedding ceremony script along with your vow cards in a gorgeous presentation box.

PLEASE NOTE:  At the moment under UK law a celebrant cannot legally marry you.  Please arrange a two plus two at a registry office with a registrar (that's you two and two witnesses) to sign your legal papers.

After you've done this, prepare for your totally unique wedding, unrestricted by when, where or length of time or what you can or cannot say in your vows to one another or rituals you want to include.  It's your day, it's for you to decide.  I only take one wedding/vow renewal booking a day so I can take all the time you need for your ceremony.

Price: £650 Weddings

£450 Vow Renewals

Weddings & Vow Renewals: Services
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