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How Does It Work?

It's all in the detail

If you like what you see or have heard, give me a call or an email and we can arrange a time and place (on zoom or in person) to have an initial (free of charge) chat about what kind of ceremony you're looking for and what I can do for you. If that is successful and we all click, I'll write your ceremony date into my diary and that will ensure no one else can have it.  A booking fee (50%) will then become due. (Weddings, Namings and Vow renewals only)

Wedding, vow renewal, naming or adoption celebration 

Then if it's a wedding, vow renewal or naming day ceremony,  I'll send you a fun questionnaire to complete all about the love story between you and your partner or you and your child.  This can be a great fun opportunity for you to get together on a date night and 'feel the love.' You can tell me as much as you feel comfortable with. (This is what I will use to craft a truly unique ceremony.)

Once received,  I'll check I've understood your answers correctly and then I'll begin writing your ceremony! The first draft will be sent for your approval and any tweaks made until we have a final draft.  Then the second and final payment will become due.

At the end you will receive a copy of the ceremony script and Vow or Promise cards (for Naming Days) in a beautiful presentation box.  

Funeral service

If it's a funeral service, after the initial phone call, I'll arrange a convenient time to meet you in person and hear all about your loved person, what style of funeral ceremony you want as well as the music, poetry and readings. Or maybe you want the dance troupe your loved one belonged to doing a dance routine - really anything goes that is appropriate for the send off of your loved person.  If you want a cardboard coffin that you can decorate to create a deeply personal tribute, that is possible too - it doesn't have to be an oak veneer if you don't want that.  Maybe you want a woven Willow coffin intertwined with flowers. Let's discuss it all and see what's possible. 

A draft of the Order of Service and eulogy will be sent to you for your approval.  Any tweaks will be made until a final draft is signed off and your tribute to your loved one is exactly as you'd wish. The venue of the funeral service doesn't have to be a crematorium or cemetery either.  If you want it in your garden or a community venue or hall, it is possible.  I will help, alongside the funeral director if you have one,  to arrange what is right for your family.  At the end you will receive a presentation script of the funeral in a beautiful folder to keep.

How does it work: Welcome
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