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A New Era

My dad died on 16th April 2024. It feels strange seeing it written down. So stark. So real. I've now been that person arranging the funeral for their loved relative (along with my brothers) Tough isn't it. Before, I knew only what it was to focus on the written part of the ceremony and of course the delivery but now I have first hand experience of what is going on for my clients doing the hundred and one other things as well as making decisions about the ceremony. At the same time as grieving. I've grieved before but not whilst organising a funeral - that was done by my step dad for my mum and my aunty for my step mum. Some days are spent laughing at happy memories and others are a tsunami of images of their last days or months. It's hard to push those images aside sometimes and replace them with happier, healthier ones. My beautiful Dadda's funeral though was exactly as we wanted it:- in the garden surrounded by friends, family and sunshine and laughter and nature. His coffin was cardboard painted with a beautiful apple blossom branch by my sister in law to remember the tree he planted in the garden when he moved to our family home. It also had pictures of him and all the things he loved decorating the sides. It was adorned with a wild and simple wreath made from wild flowers by @_Shella.a_

As the cliche goes "You only get to do their funeral once. Make sure it's right." And it is my greatest pleasure to make sure it is 'done right' for your family.

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